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 Fostex Pro 8-track digital recorder ...

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PostSubject: Fostex Pro 8-track digital recorder ...    Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:12 am

need a good quality digital recorder / mixer.

this is 8 channel. it has 4x single mono channels that can be used as single channels
or merged to form 4 into 1x stereo.
and it has 2x stereo channels. a total of 8x channels.
it also has built in digital FX. ie. echo reverb chorus delay etc.
the unit was purchased about 2 years ago but i never got time to use it,
now ive decided to sell it as ive lost interest ... but its a great bit of kit.
this is a pro recorder. its easy to use like a old tape deck .. yet no noise recording & long recording times.

look closely to see ive barely used it. its like new.
it records to CF cards in very high 24bit Quality .. better than CD quality ... or disk saving lower Q.

oh and its got PROPER 1/4ins i/o sockets. none of that fragile mini jack plugs found on phones and mp3 players!
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Fostex Pro 8-track digital recorder ...
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