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 want to join ?

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PostSubject: want to join ?   Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:47 am

this is primarily a Ham Radio forum. but anything goes. if you would like to send a message or join in
feel free to sign up. its no big deal.
Please make a note of your passwords ... as we may not be able to retrieve them when they are lost.
you are responsible.
we are on the air on 145.325 NFM 2meter band and testing on other ham bands.

we have a special link on radio reference which you can listen to using your laptop or phone.

John has spent some time setting it up and keeps it well maintained ... so if WE are not on the air
there may always be something else to listen to via the RR link

Facebook. theres also a few of us on FB too in case you dont want to use our forum. Crying or Very sad

use our link page on the forum for fast access to FB or livestream video / audio

ive not included Youtube yet as i feel there are enough links on Google.
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want to join ?
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